The founders

Growing up, Kelly de Vries travelled to many different African countries. These trips had quit an impact on her. After university, Kelly decided to discover this promising continent on her own. 

Muriel Koch also volunteered in Ghana in 2006, after which Kelly and Muriel founded the Meet Kate Foundation together. She is still an active member of the Dutch board.

The Ghanaian board

Philomena is Kate's great aunt. Her dream to build a home for needy children, has come true. Philo is the director of the Children's Home and is part of the Ghanaian board. 

Secretary Steve is someone you can build on. He is flexible and always excited about new ideas, in other words: an important force within the board. 

If you say Meet Kate, you say Kelly and vice versa. Kelly lost her heart to Ghana and has worked in an admirable way for the foundation eversince. She moved to Ghana in 2011 and is now a perminent resident. 

The English board

Naa is chair of the UK board. She was born in Ghana and is passionate about all things Ghanaian.

Growing up in the UK means that she brings the best of both worlds working for Meet Kate.

Guy loves excel sheets and number crunching, which is great because he is our treasurer. He is the calm and collected one in the group and is therefore a very welcome addition.

Rebecca is fun and social. She loves Africa and can dance as well as any Ghanaian. Her organisational skills make her an asset to the team.
Tanya our secretary loves helping others. It is her big heart that motivates her to work for Meet Kate.


Peter R. de Vries is known for his strong sense of justice. He has been a dedicated ambassador of Meet Kate for years. He is also the father of founder Kelly.

Half Ghanaian presenter Veronica van Hoogdalem has been our proud ambassador since 2012. Like on other, she knows how to act as a bridge between both countries. 

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