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When Naa went to Ghana to volunteer in 2011, she met Myrthe (chair of Meet Kate NL). What began as a chance meeting turned out to be something truly special. The two girls became good friends and soon discovered that their friendship could lead to bigger change. Meet Kate UK was established in 2012 with the same vision, and values as its sister foundation.

It is led by a group of students with a passion for education, and who also want to show the world the positive side of Africa. We have seen how important education has been in our lives and want to give this opportunity to young people just like us in Ghana. We mainly focus our fundraising on the scholarship program, which gives intelligent but needy young people the chance to finish high school. You can meet us here!

The trust and responsibility to manage the projects lies with the local leaders in Ghana. They take the initiative and are supported in the background by the boards with advice and financial assistance.

We like to share our successess and experiences with you. You can find these, along with an overview of our income and expenses, in our annual report. These reports include financial statements with an audit report sponsored by accounting firm Accsal. Read our financial statements for 2012. Curious about other official documents or previous annual reports or financial statements? Please contact us!

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