InfographicThe story of Meet Kate in a nutshell.

Meet Kate

The Meet Kate Foundation is a small-scale organisation, which focuses on educational projects in the central region of Ghana. Inspired by a young Ghanaian girl named Kate, the foundation invests in this country which is bursting with untapped potential. Meet Kate is especially committed to promoting self-reliance within our small-scale projects – something that is vital to the future of development! 


Only when opportunities are created to generate an income within Ghana, can a project be self-sustaining. Our poultry farm, contributions from parents and investments in farmland, provide the bulk of this income. When necessary, we try to meet the required income with funding from the UK and The Netherlands in order to achieve our goal of gradually decreasing foreign funding and to steer our projects towards financial independence. 

What do we do with it?

We have about 24 children, whose families are (temporarily) unable to take care of them currently living at the Meet Kate Children's Home. In addition, a Scholarship Program was started for young people who are unable to finish high school due to financial difficulties. In January 2013, Meet Kate expanded its projects with the Meet Kate Academy, a primary school which offers a high quality education to over 150 children. We believe that love, attention, good nutrition and education are central to a bright future. Which is something every child deserves.

Who benefits?

Primarily, our projects are started for the Ghanaian children. But, there is more to it! Because the children come to the daycare center, their parents are able to find jobs and earn money, which enables them to better provide for their families. Since we only work with local employees in our projects, we create jobs. These teachers, cooks and farmers -to name but a few employees- can in turn take better care of their families. This way, we hope to have a positive influence on the entire community. 

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